Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q – What is the authenticity of the artist and their hosted artwork?

A – We follow the below check list to ensure authenticity:

Q – When do I make the payment?

A – The full payment needs to be made upfront.

Q – How do I make the payment?

A – The payment can be made through debit card, credit card or net banking.

Q – Do I get a confirmation regarding my payment?

A – You will immediately get a mail confirmation from PayUmoney/Paypal once the payment is made. Subsequently you will get a hard copy receipt along with the actual artwork and ‘authenticity certificate’ when the artwork is couriered to you.

Q – What is the time frame for delivery?

A – Delivery within the city limits will be made within a week. Delivery anywhere within the country will be made within 2 weeks and delivery outside India will be made within 4 weeks. We keep a buffer of 1 week for last moment unavoidable circumstances like transport strike, artist out of station, etc.

Q – If there is still some dispute when the artwork is received will my money get refunded?

A – We have the following options for our buyer to choose from:

Q – Do I get the artwork delivered with a frame?

A – If frame is mentioned in the description you get the artwork delivered with the mentioned frame. We do not provide frame for all the artwork.

Q – How do you compensate if the frame gets damaged?

A – Though we use the best available logistics partners, in case of a rare damage, we do not provide any compensation for a damaged frame. The price quoted in the website is only for the artwork.

Q – Do I need to pay for the packaging and courier service?

A – The packaging and delivery of artwork/painting within India is free of cost (FOC). However, cost of delivery outside India needs to be borne by the buyer. On selecting the specific artwork the cost of delivery will be automatically displayed.

Q – Does the price include any tax?

A – Goods and Services tax (GST) is extra, i.e. over and above the price quoted for the artwork.

Q – Is quoted price in the website negotiable?

A – Price is not negotiable as spot discounts are offered when the reference code of an alternate artist is mentioned before purchase of any artwork. If the buyer does not put the reference code of any alternate artist, she/he can still buy the artwork minus any discount.

Q – What is this concept of getting discount by putting ‘reference code’ of an alternate artist?

A – Please do put in the reference code of an alternate artist. Even today artists struggle to keep themselves going as continuity of art requires funds and in most cases appreciation comes at a later stage. This artist could be your acquaintance or an unknown artist whose work you have really liked. In either case you will get a spot discount on your purchase so why miss out. This will also help that artist as putting her/his reference code will help her/him earn some extra money.

Note – You are free to continue with your purchase without putting any alternate artist’s code. In that case you are not eligible for the spot discount, if applicable at that given point of time.